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Zander looks out from the high step of the Engineer’s shop watching the comings and goings on the street while catching some of the fresh night air. Looking in the direction of the bath house he spots a Free Woman approaching recognizing her as she gets closer, “Well, well, well, Tal Kait, I thought you had packed up and left Ar” smiling to let her know he said so in humor.

Kaitlin followed along reluctantly behind Karjuk (NPC Guard). She knew it was best to put this meeting behind her and she could only avoid the builder for so long now that he had taken residence in the city, easily picking up his parents legacy after the death of the builders in Ar in the terrible fire. Rumors had reached her already that he was in very good standing to become the High Builder in the city with the ear of even the Ubar. Yes, it was best to settle things now.  As they approached she noticed him at a distance as if he had been expecting her even before he hailed her in jest.
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Zander seeing no one in the shop he follows the smell of fresh baking to the table lifting one of the fresh baked muffins taking a bite before hearing movement behind him.

Brooke wandered into the bakery after giving the BC compound a good cleaning. Brumbling about the fact that it is so hard to soak out blood stains…seeing Zander breaking into a smile….”Is it my muffins you are after, Sir?” she said with a laugh.

Zander smiles seeing the lady baker chewing and swallowing “You caught me red handed Brooke, I do love your baking as does half of Ar, I came to see what you required to fix your vandalism problem” smiling at her and taking another bite of the tasty muffin.

Brooke  put down the hammer she had clutched so tightly in her hand. …Sure, have a contract to kill and Ubar and they are there in a flash! Need a board replaced, no where to be found!. But she never said a word, just smiles lifting to her toes, swaying back and forth as she listens to him praise her baking. “Did you finish the basket I left next door already, Sir…I may have to double your order soon! And I am not getting a kickback from the seamstress for letting out your clothes either, no matter what is being said” she laughingly said.

Zander  laughs having completely missed the basket she spoke of, “I was saving those for later Brook , I haven’t been to see the seamstress as yet so those kickbacks won’t be coming in anytime soon” sitting the half eaten muffin on the table rubbing his hands together as he looks around the shop then back to her still smiling at him, “so tell me Brooke did you really have some damage or were you just trying to lure me into your shop?, perhaps there is an Assassin hiding and waiting to pounce? taking another quick look behind him seeing the room was clear.

Brooke  looked around the shop, she had pretty much climbed on furniture, and with the use of a hammer and nails fixed everything that had to be done. Brooke had the good grace to blush, shaking her head tiredly, picking up the hammer once more…”They know better than to do that sort of thing in MY bakery!” she laughed. Brooke had been an inn keep and baker for many years in a small village that was frequented by the BC since their training compound was close. Some did not know her and though she was careful and made certain she heard nothing of what went on, she felt as safe as any woman on Gor…perhaps a bit more so given where her bakery was. “Please finish your muffin, Sir and if i were to lure you in here, it would not be for an assassin…it would be for reasons of my own….say…..muffins?” she ended brightly.

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Zander arrives at the ball making his way through the already large crowd gathered looking at the very well thought out costumes not recognizing anyone as of yet.

Zander turns to the man beside him in the golden hair and mask to match “Greetings Sir, what do you make of this so far” turning back to watch the movements on the dance floor.

Thelandira looks toward Zander then turns back to the crowd, “Oh I don’t know this sort of soiree was never my cup of bazi. I’d rather clear the crowd, get a few sluts in silks dancing or watch some men kick the crap out of each other.”

Zander laughs and nods turning and looking amongst the crowd he approaches the lady along the railing looking out over the city, “Greetings Lady, are you enjoying the ball this evening?” studying her exposed facial features not recognizing her.

Adeina’s fingers were tapping along the rail, her teeth worrying her bottom lip. She was startled with a voice near. Slowly she turned her head ever so slightly, looking at the man beside her, his face partially covered as was hers. “This is a pleasant party, I must admit,” she answered, her voice soft so as not to be recognized. Read More »

Zander walks past the Bank of Ar seeing a familiar name on the front of the building across the street. Standing outside the door for a few ehn staring at the sign Unsure of what to expect he walks inside approaching the counter looking at all the neatly stocked shelves but no one minding the store. “Hello,…. Kait!” he calls out leaning on the solid wood counter nervously tracing the carvings with his fingers as he awaits an answer. Read More »

Brooke  almost slammed into the man she had met the night before, her small body barely seemed to make an impression as she bounced off of his chest and almost fell at his feet

Zander  grabs her by the arm to steady her, “Are you running from someone, or to someone”? tilting his head slightly  recognizing the muffin lady from the night before . ” greetings Lady Brooke”  looking in her hands “No muffins today” ?  his disappointment apparent in his voice

Brooke grins, her blush making an other appearance before, she said. The basket is empty sir but if you stop by the cafe, they have them there” lifting her eyes to his, “I -I was just preoccupied was all, “what could she say, she had just left a delivery to a particular household.  looking over at him now shyly, “I recently delivered some fresh ram-berry muffins to the cafe, if we hurry we can get them while still warm sir” she said softly, she was bordering on shy today it seemed.

Zander nods releasing Brooke’s arm “oh that was nice of you leaving fresh muffins at my household while I was out. nodding after hearing her speak a slight reserved tone in her voice today compared to the lady he met the night before “The cafe? I haven’t found the cafe yet perhaps you could show me where that is, shall we walk”? Read More »

Brooke  wandered into the building. Her hand holding a basket filled with breads and muffins, “Greetings Sir, It seems we are neighbors she said slowly stepping foot int he room. Sighing as the air cooled as soon as she stepped out of the sun and into the shade

Zander notices movement looking up from his drawings, “Tal Lady, I am Zander of Ar,  Neighbors you say”? smiling as he notices the basket in her hand

Brooke  wanders in,”I hope I am not disturbing you Sir? ” she said softly, placing the basket down on the table with a soft sigh she drew back the cloth pushing it toward him. “Just a friendly gesture” she said offering the treats

Brooke  was obviously flustered as she looked at the open door to reassure herself that she was not being too forward. “I am Brooke, Lady Brooke, a baker from next door, Sir, please have a muffin, I am told they are quite good. The ram-berry especially” she offered, her color rising behind the veil. Read More »

Zander  continues to explore the streets of Ar, so much had changed since he was last here. Seeing the sign for the Physicians cylinder he pauses outside deciding it was worth a shot to ask he walks to the door pushing it open stepping inside. Seeing no one in sight he calls out, “Hello, Is there anyone here!” closing the door behind him and looking around the clinic as he waits for a reply.

Zander  calls out in a louder voice “HELLO, WHAT IF A MAN WAS IN URGENT NEED OF CARE HERE”? moving to the bottom of the stairs looking upwards and not seeing or hearing anything.

Zander  begins to climb the stairs reaching the top of the first flight he calls out once again “Greetings! … there anyone here!” hearing nothing he continues to climb until he reaches the highest point looking out through the large opening and seeing the access to the high bridges. Deciding to investigate the wonderous work of his fellow Caste  Zander wanders out walking the full length of the high  bridges taking in the magnificent view of the City of Ar from above.

Zander moves back inside the Cylinder of Physicians looking closely for any voices or signs of anyone present as he descends the many stirs back down to the clinic his curiosity getting the better of him he approaches one of the many pieces of medical equipment pushing a few buttons and spinning the wheeled handles

Micah “Pardon.” He ran by at breakneck speed. Read More »

Zander returns to Ar, the signs of the insurgence and bloodshed still visible in the streets. It was nightfall when he arrived home,  he had almost forgotten what beautiful sight Ar was  to see lit up at night as he made his way walking carefully towards the Cylinder of The Builders, his former home and home to his parents. It  was deftly quiet as he approached, there was something very wrong, the smell filling the air was that of charred wood and building materials. As he approached the doorway the extent of the damage became clear, the entire interior was gutted, looking up seeing only the warped steel of the structure. Read More »

Zander awakens looking around the small room as his eyes adjust to the bright light of the morning sun shining through the large window. Rising and swinging his legs over the edge of the comfortable bed he stretches, his arms reaching skyward for a few ihn, his head tilting back, mouth wide open letting out a long drawn out yawn with a moan. “Too much travel” he mutters to himself standing and rubbing his arms with his hands, “brrrrrr” it was cold. Walking to the window and wiping the condensation with the heal of his hand so he could see outside, everything covered in a white blanket of freshly covered snow. Opening his bag and finding his warmest clothes quickly dressing walking to the small stand against the wall dipping his hands in the small basin of cold water bending down and splashing it over his face and neck. The water was cold but refreshing and invigorating, reaching for the towel folded neatly on the rack dabbing himself dry placing the towel on the edge of the stand ready to see the place he had landed in the dark, first some tea or black wine to warm his insides turning towards the door entering the lobby.

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Lady Tifridh  How are you , Sir?

Zander  approaches quietly behind the lady, “Impressive” he calls from behind her in a calm voice as not to startle her

Lady Tifridh: ” Thank you , Sir…would you like to try”? smiles sincerely at you.

Zander  laughs, “no I do well to swing my sword, bows are another thing entirely”

Lady Tifridh: “ true. Can I help you in anyway?”  smiles and places the bow and practices arrows down on the stand.

Zander:  “I have been traveling for some time, I am Zander, part time Engineer, part time Inventor, I usually keep the inventor part quiet”chuckles, and you are?

Lady Tifridh: “I am Lady Tifridh, Red Caste…but no warrior. Would you care to come up to the valley and perhaps indulge in some black wine? Nothing finer then having it where it’s legally grown, Sir.”

Zander smiles, “a pleasure to meet you Tifridh” trying to copy her pronunciation, “an unusual name for a  Freewoman”

Lady Tifridh stands a bit taller, “It is Torvie, Sir…but my father was from Ar and my companion is a warrior here.”

Zander : “Black wine would be nice, I have yet to find my way around”, perks up when he hears her say Ar, “I am also from Ar, I would like to travel back there one day to see my parents”

Lady Tifridh: “My father was the great General Prefectus. He resides in the Cities of Dust now. Please follow me, and I will show you the way to the valley gates, if you would like, Sir”

Zander  nods moving back slightly, “lead the way”

Rennel: making his normal evening rounds , he comes upon Lady Tif and eyes the man standing to close to her ” Tal Sir”

Lady Tifridh smiles as she sees a warrior approach, “Tal, Sir. ” she calls out over Zander’s shoulder. “This man is a builder and would like some black wine.”

Lady Tifridh: “Of course, Sir.”

Rennel: holds his hand out to Lady Tif to help her down , his eyes looking over her ” Lady , let me take you back to the city”

Lady Tifridh smiles and takes his hand, “Thank you, Sir.” Read More »